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12 Feb

How To Replace a Water Softener Resin Bed

Are you aware that it’s possible to replace the resin bed of a water softener in a do it yourself manner and save up to about 150 dollars? The process isn’t that difficult as it may appear. However, you’ve to diagnose the issue correctly and ensure that there’s indeed a problem with the resin bed. In case you don’t know how to replace a water softener resin bed, take a look at the below procedure.

How can you diagnose your resin bed?

How would you figure out whether there’s an issue with the resin bed? The answer is simple. If your water softener fails to generate soft water or runs out of the water supply easily, it’s an indication that the resin bed is damaged and needs replacement.

Generally, a resin bed is meant to last for about 10 to 15 years. However, the existence of excessive chlorine in the water reduces the life span of the resin bed. So is there any way to verify whether the resin bed is still in good condition? You may do that by checking if the salt is used by the softening system at the regular rate.

If the answer is yes, then your resin bed is saturated. Saturation of your resin bed could be caused due to iron deposits and/or chlorine content in the water supply. When this occurs, the regeneration carried out by the brine line isn’t possible.

In case enough salt isn’t used by your water softener, then there might be an issue with the valve head. This implies that the resin bed won’t be charged with the brine water. You can get rid of this issue and clean the resin bed by using iron removal chemicals. However, if the resin bed is completely damaged, replacement is the only option.

Replacing a resin bed

Replacing a damaged resin bed will take about 4 hours of your time. However, your efforts will save you up to about 100 to 150 dollars. To start with, find out the amount of resin your water softener needs.